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Frequently Asked Questions About Sitecore Helix

Virtual Pune, Pune

Shelley Benhoff will present a deep dive into Sitecore Helix Architecture. She will answer the most frequently asked questions about Helix that she is asked in her Unofficial Sitecore Helix Training on Pluralsight. How do you organize multi-tenant sites in a Helix project? Where do you store 3rd party API connections and related renderings? What […]

Getting started with Sitecore ASP.NET Core rendering SDK with Sitecore 10

Virtual Pune, Pune

Jitendra Soni will be presenting on Headless development with ASP.NET Core with Docker. It is a key part of Sitecore 10,  ASP.NET Core rendering SDK enables Sitecore headless development with ASP.NET Core. Agenda Introduction Sitecore 10 - New Architecture element for headless development. Overall architecture flow for headless development with ASP.NET core. ASP.NET rendering engine SDK and core flow. Start the development and set […]

SXA Frontend (FED)-Backend (BED) Development Flow

Virtual Pune, Pune

Kiran Patil will be presenting on SXA FED-BED Development Flow. SXA separates structure from design. SXA Provides OOTB tools to enable parallel Frontend (FED)-Backend (BED) Development. But it has a learning curve and as part of this session, we will try to share those learnings with you. So, it simplifies your learning process. Takeaways for […]